Federico Herrero:
The Periphery as Center

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In this course, artist Federico Herrero will expand upon his career and his inspirations in creating artworks. Herrero’s intuition in the earliest choices of his career led him to drop out of art school in New York to come back to San Jose, where he found himself in the middle of changes within Costa Rica’s art scene. Herrero will also talk about his idea of an artist’s studio, the intersection of nature and urban structures in his work, and about Despacio, an artists’ run space that he founded in San Jose.
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Meet the Presenter

Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero, born in 1978 in San Jose, Costa Rica, is one of today’s leading Central American artists. His work is strongly influenced by the changing relationship between the landscape and urban structures, exploring where painting as an autonomous entity starts and ends. He was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Young Artists at the 2001 Venice Biennial. He has exhibited internationally, amongst others at The Guggenheim Museum, New York; the MCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Witte de With, Rotterdam; 21st Century Art Museum, Tokyo; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris.
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