Constance Tenvik:
Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Constance Tenvik wants to welcome you into her world. To show you what she makes and what she draws inspiration from. From a reenactment of a medieval tournament in the 19th century, which became “Soft Armour”, to staging herself in each part of Tristan and Isolde, that turned into “Gesamtkunst With Myself.” With one foot on the earth and one in the sky, let’s navigate the boundaries between reality and fantasy with Constance Tenvik.
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Meet the Presenter

Constance Tenvik

Constance Tenvik (born 1990) is a Norwegian artist born in London. She received her MFA from Yale University School of Art in New Haven, CT and BFA from the Academy of Art in Oslo. With a multi-disciplinary approach spanning sculpture, performance, textile work, costume, painting, drawing and video work with an exuberant aesthetic, Tenvik is a creator of worlds within worlds in immersive installations. Tenvik is drawn towards narratives, color and exaggerations, while trying to understand human paradoxes. Her paintings are inspired by people, dreams and mythological fragments which interweave in a richly chromatic intricate maximalism. Her scenes show interactions that occur in cities, combining vulnerability with decadence.  Solo exhibitions include Loyal Gallery (Stockholm), 56 Henry (New York), Astrup Fearnley Museum (Oslo), UKS / Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo), Prosjektrom Normanns (Stavanger). Group exhibitions include Anat Ebgi (Los Angeles), The Breeder (Athens), Château du Feÿ (Bourgogne), Kristiansand Kunsthall (Kristiansand), Carl Kostyál (Malmö), and Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen).
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