Kris Martin: In the Artist's Studio

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In this course, the artist Kris Martin takes participants on a journey through his artistic practice. He often begins his explorations by following the concept of the so-called readymade, an ordinary manufactured object that is re-contextualized or altered. He infuses these found objects with new meaning through displacement and modification. Martin questions the role of the artist and the art object in contemporary society. His often romantic and witty artworks are poetic meditations on the transitory nature of life.

No prior knowledge of art is necessary.
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Meet the Presenter

Kris Martin

Kris Martin's creative practice often deals with matters of human existence and its contradictions, taking the form of sculptures, drawings, photographs, and installations. Some of his most notable works to date include 2005’s “The Idiot,” in which he put his own spin on Dostoyevsky’s novel, as well as 2012’s “For Whom,” a large sculptural bell installed in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.
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