Isabelle Graw: The Value of Art Under Different Circumstances

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Art historian Isabelle Graw presents her theory of art’s specific value while pointing to current developments—such as the global pandemic or protest movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo—that have an impact on the generation of value. Artworks are considered as commodities of a special kind, their specific value-form shown to result from an interplay between artistic production and aesthetic reception. 

No prior knowledge of art is necessary.
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Meet the Presenter

Isabelle Graw

Berlin-based Isabelle Graw is a professor of art history and art theory at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule) Frankfurt am Main. She founded Texte zur Kunst in 1990 with Stefan Germer and has co-edited and conceptualized 121 issues so far. In 2003, she co-founded the Institut für Kunstkritik at the Städelschule with Daniel Birnbaum. Her current areas of research include the value of art, race and gender as factors that cause both value generation and value discrimination, friendship in dark times, judgment and value creation under new forms of capitalism, as well as trace and agency in painting. Isabelle Graw is also the author of the books The Love of Painting: Genealogy of a Success Medium and High Price: Art Between the Market and Celebrity Culture.
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