Candace Worth:
Who is Afraid of the Art World?

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The art world seems like a complex and challenging place for newcomers. Many potential collectors can find themselves intimidated, not knowing where to start with acquisitions or making the right connections between the works they collect. To create a solid foundation, collectors often need to discover how to build a collection that reflects their taste by partnering with the right art consultant to help them with the curatorial process. In this course, the founder of Worth Art Advisory, Candace Worth, will offer advice and resources for first-time collectors and provide information on how and when to seek help from art advisors.
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Meet the Presenter

Candace Worth

Expert art advisor Candace Worth established Worth Art Advisory in 2001, after working in Contemporary Art Department at Christie’s auction house, followed by positions at a blue-chip gallery in New York City and internet-based art consultancy. Worth Art Advisory was founded to provide new collectors with all the tools they need to enter into the art market; and since then has developed into a leading global contemporary art advisory service with a diverse group of clients. Worth is an executive member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors and served for ten years on the board of the Drawing Center in New York City. In 2010, she created an artist residency program in upstate New York, offering artists a unique opportunity to work for extended periods in a rural environment.
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